Expression Explosion


I need it through an explosion

I need it through emotion

THIS WON’T BE another post on how I need to find my heart again, but the need for explosions of expression are still in my body.

Even now I want to dance, and throw myself around – I want to play hockey in wet mud in the rain, and scream in a hall in the middle of a performance

I THINK my main goal is performing now .

Look at that photo of Hanyu, and tell me that doesn’t look like he’s been born to skate.

I miss performing from musical evenings, and in competitions, and I would like to do that again – maybe not in music, but maybe I should make my whole life a performance.

I know my teachers all think i’m crazy now, they think i’m haphazard and I’m disorganised

but the truth is i’m doing it on purpose

to create an explosion !


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