My name is Nancy and I’m 17


ALL MY LIFE / since I turned 12/ I wasn’t in need of anything but art.

It was/is my soul and my heart – but what happens when I’m just starting to think about the fact that I’m an adrenaline seeker?


Art gives me a rush, only when I’m working on something big, but when I saw videos of Yuzuru Hanyu and Jason Brown, what makes me cry every time, is endless movement.

I finally realise that what I want in my life is endless movement – I don’t like being satisfied, and I don’t like being content – what I want is extreme everything – anger, sadness, I don’t want the peace that comes with art.I resolved just now to draw when i’m at home, and when I’m out, I will work hard on snowboarding or figure skating, or something that lets me create endless movement with my body.

If I paint large, I don’t want to sit down, I want to use every muscle in my body to create something.




What i want is endless art.


2 thoughts on “INTRODUCTION

    1. But I wonder if my passion is supposed to be something other than art?

      I’ll keep it burning ! But I need to fins what it’s burning for . DB

      Thanks for the first ever comment ~ I’ll use wordpress as an outlet 8D

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