Why do people think that they can kill?

They put animals in Zoos and aquariums, and I always wanted to visit because every kid who loves animals wants to go – but the people there aren’t loving animals sometimes, like Marius , the 18 MONTH OLD GIRAFFE THAT WAS MURDERED

I FUCKING HATE IT when people that form bonds with animals, break it because they realised that something else is more important.

The carer of Marius delivered the shot, and it couldn’t have pissed me off more.
The Newtown shooting was what I googled before finding freshly pressed news about Marius, and I realised that pointing a gun and pulling the trigger as it pierces through someone , and taking away with the bullet, a life – it is murder.

I have no concept of good and evil, but i want to say if humans are so against murder, then why do the people that would never kill people, kill animals?

WE ARE ANIMALS, if we need to hunt to survive, we can, but taking every mo-fo chicken and shoving them into a barn with their own feces is something that we don’t need to do.

What became of humans who evolved to create paper and metal that eventually became our source of bartering for medicine, for clothes, for life?

We pretend we can give rights to animals to save them, we pretend we need all these things to make us feel powerful, but we’re more stupid than any other animal out there. We believe in our race so much that we forget what it is to be the made up word ‘humane.’

Humane is the dumbest word I’ve ever heard. What about humans makes us beneficial to all the other lives on the planet? Humanity doesn’t exist. You can’t be humane because humans aren’t known for being compassionate.

Can that word still apply to you if you kill?

You are human, but you are not humane.


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