The Life of Pi

I can only say this movie was beautiful. 



These scenes not only create light so we can see what is happening through the darkness (which we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see), but when I saw this scene – it made my whole body feel cool. The feelings were like I had discovered something in myself that I didn’t know – and I still don’t know what it is.

I think with movies like this, and ‘her,’ we try to push ourselves to understand the beliefs that the movie gives us – it is not that we don’t believe anything they say and to enjoy the movie, we HAVE to understand what is going on, but with movies like this, sometimes you get lucky enough to feel the heart of the movie without really understanding it. At that moment, you know what I am talking about – because the peace that you feel after the movie has ended is like a silence that makes your heart pump faster.

Even though you don’t understand the message of the movie, there’s something in yourself that connects the pieces together and forms an unconscious opinion that makes us change, if only temporarily.

I become extremely affected by movies or tv shows, and I really love it when that happens – with Life of Pi, I feel like something in my body has been more satisfied than the others – my brain feels the same, but I know something new. I don’t know what I know, but it is something.

 We are all excited by the prospect of adventure and discovery, but the end message that a lot of people talked about in this movie was the process of ‘letting go,’ 


just as the animalistic instinct that allowed Pi to survive disappeared, so did the Tiger. That part made me truly sad – even sadder when I read the idea behind it. The idea that letting go of such a strong bond that I saw they had throughout the movie really made me sad –  and the thought hit me because it can be applied to life. I wondered, ‘would I be willing to sacrifice a bond so strong?’ A part of me thinks that I would be able to , because I’m strong – but the whole of me will not want to let go to something so beautiful. I think bonds are beautiful. 


In a way, death is better. Somewhere, inside you, you will believe that if you talk to the other person through the sky, they will hear you in the clouds.

But to separate yourself from someone when you know they are still alive and breathing on this planet is something that I don’t know if I’m ready to do. Someone you know is here, but you can’t track them down.


I think from this movie, I have realised one of my greatest fears. 

Losing people to life.




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