Family love

friend love
is it all the same?

do we need to label love
by giving it a name?

all the times you spat hateful words
you wish you could forget

but love is forged by sun after rain
it can’t be broken just yet

sometimes we get hit too hard
by reality’s heavy hand

and we lose the love we thought we’d have
the ones we were supposed to have manned

there’s always a way to keep people close
but you need to remember why

you loved them in the first place

don’t forget until you die.

I like this poem that I wrote in 5 minutes because it looks like it belongs in a primary school poetry anthology

I wrote this as I was typing because I watched TED talks that people found  inspiring, and some of them were about how to not lose your child-like wonder and love. I genuinely love the feeling of being able to let yourself loose and let yourself smile when you feel cooped up. I actually wrote myself a small letter in a sketchbook years back that I mentioned before : I told myself that everyone was sadder as they got older, and I made myself promise that I wouldn’t change.

In a previous post, I said change was good – but I still have my child-like wonder intact (lmao) and It’s freeing. You need to not forget how to love , and you need to put in effort into your relationships because once you forget the bond you had with someone, you may never be able to replicate the feelings that you felt with them later down the line.

Promise yourself to be good and to love.


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