Starry Night

A few days ago, I painted a copy of Starry night by Van Gogh


it was unfinished in this picture, but doing copies of artists really let’s me know what they’re all about.

Van Gogh had a mental illness (and I’m doing an art project on PTSD and Illness) so I looked at his work. Apparently yellow is a therapeutic colour, and he put It there to calm him?

Anyway, Starry night really is a beautiful painting. Imagine if we could see a real starry night with huge yellow blinding stars.

I found something relating to stars : Dark SKY PARKS – they’re parks which have no light pollution so all you can see is stars.

I really want to go, but they’re only in the US *-*  take a look:

Dark sky parks : night sky conservation and original website

The Milky Way in a dark sky park
Same bridge as above, different angle



Long exposure stars

if you’ve been wondering where photographers in the US go to shoot star pictures, this is where.

Sources (pictures)
1, 3, 42 + 5


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