Pentel Brush Pen work

Scan_20151001 (2)Scan_20151001 (3)Scan_20151001 (4)Scan_20151001

Kim Jung Gi is my favourite artist, and so I bought the same brush pen because it was cheap enough. I’m really glad I bought this because look at the lines it’s amazing! KGHDKFSUHGKUFH


2 thoughts on “Pentel Brush Pen work

    1. THANK YOU!
      It was based off a Chinese Folklore tale about a woman drinking an elixir for eternal life, and the trade off was that she would have to live on the moon (she was supposed to drink it with her lover, but WHOOPS)

      bunnyman is pounding a rice cake, and he doesn’t know he’s gonna get a visit from her (for the rest of eternity)

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