Merry Christmas!

I haven’t posted in AGES but i’m definitely starting again. I like my way of writing and i’m kind of sad that I stopped for a long time but I have recently redisccovered THE OLD HAPPY NANCY I was ages ago, and that Nancy literally NEVER got angry and took everything in stride.

If anyone scares me, I won’t get mad – I’ll laugh with them. If a teacher gives me a bad grade, I shrug it off and say ‘i’ll do better next time!’ and when someone acts ‘mean’, I treat them like they’re being nice to me!

It sounds so idealistic but since I don’t celebrate Christmas, this is my present to myself LOLOL SO LONELY


IS ALSO being comfortable with being away from your friends, and not worrying about what they’re doing without you.

If you’re alone this Christmas and SAD, then WHY THE FRICK ARE YOU SAD??? The idea that we have to be TOGETHER on a random day of the year (sorry Christians) is made UP, this is another day where you might get presents and who the fuck cares

I LOVE being with my friends, and I realised I can’t be as HYPED up without people, but this is how you get to where you want to be :

You do what you feel like would REALLY make you happy.

I misunderstood this as ‘do what you want, when you want it’ to the point where WHENEVER I THOUGHT A RANDOM THOUGHT like ‘let me do —‘ I’d just do it, and the prior thought would be ‘I’m going to be myself again, spontaneous and of the moment CHILD just be free’

but that wasn’t really what being happy was. You don’t do whatever comes to your head, you do whatever comes to your head that makes you HAPPY.

This comes from an URGE, if you feel a LITTLE bit like you want to draw, like drawing would help you ACHIEVE something, then that’s what you do.

If you feel bloated and want to go for a walk, sitting there is obviously the wrong decision – and I don’t think it’s wrong as in it’s VERY against the right thing to do

but it’s VERY against what would make you happy, and who wants to be sad?

You only live through every empty day with this emptiness because people now don’t follow through on urges. About 25 years ago when there was no internet, people did what they liked because there was nothing else to do, but we fight against our urges and what we ACTUALLY want to do.

I think this is becoming more and more cliche, but I understand very much what i’m writing about.

To let go isn’t to be spontaneous, to let go and free yourself is to do the things that make you happy.

I’m saying you don’t need to go outside and ride a bike if you want to watch TV 😁🚲🚲

Another point which is REALLY important to me is this ‘watch mindless TV and eat crap and be lazy’

The thing is that people don’t actually want to stay on the computer all day googling weird stuff – SOMETIMES it doesn’t make people happy to do it, they just do it because they CAN.

But if using Tumblr or Twitter is actually making you happy, OF COURSE you should use it – I only go on things if I know they’ll make me happy, EVEN IN APPS where I play specific games if I feel even a little urge to play it, and I stop when there’s something else that I think can make me happy.

Being so COMPLETELY happy (like the eternal summer post I made) IS JUST SO TRUE AND BEAUTIFUL

YOU FEEL LIKE THE WIND is blowing around you but you’re standing on a mountain and you can see all the other mountains draped in mist


I don’t ever like telling people what to do unless it’s in the form of advice, and it’s kind of manipulative because if someone’s charming enough, then they can change the other person’s mind really quick.

I don’t like saying the words ‘should,’ so I use ‘Can’ and other words.

This is my favourite advice that I want to record for myself, and I hope it becomes someone else’s favourite advice too.




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