Body of Time

There are cracks next to your eyes and tiny potholes on the surface of your face
you have lived through volcanoes and your face seems to know it
lahars carving laughter lines
lahafter your book’s climax lines
on the sides of your nose
bridges to your bowler hat
jellyfish swimming towards a seabed
catching liquid since you were
0 years young
rehashing the silhouette from the Mauna Loa
but it is not your bow that reciprocates the explosion of a Composite
it lies in the subduction zone
white limestone worn down by the sea
carving and being carved into
shapes you never expected it to
a cave which whistles through nooks when the wind rises
but occasionally when you do make a sound
it makes people remember that you are not
an empty shell.

This is one of my favourites from 2015, I’m so sad I never posted this when it was due.


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