I dream
I look up to the stars and to the craters of the moon
and I see things
that you dont understand
when you hold me in your arms so lovingly
but you caress my ears with words like
these ideas are just dreams.
They’ll go away.
I want to raise my hand to hit you.
When I press my palms against a shop glass window
and widen my eyes like i’m making room to fit as much as I can into my pupils
and you say
‘Hurry up, we don’t have time for this’
I want to argue that we do have time
but I shut my mouth
because I realise that if I have to explain it
you won’t understand it
and you won’t ever understand
the way my heart feels when I look at you.
Which I reply ‘this is love’
but then I hear the way my heartbeats sound
when I look at something I really love.
The sound of waves pushing against the shore
the tide coming in and going back out
like our relationship, we met
but it was far from a compromise because I realised,
like the tide we can push and we can pull
but in the end the shore lies there
waiting for the waves to come by
and you just wait for me
Sometimes I break off pieces of you to try
to bring you into my world,
but we never mix.
All your sediment is trapped underwater with me.
You can evaporate me out of your body with enough sun
and I always thought I was your sun
but I guess i’m the salt filled water
always stuck
with the grains of whatever you are
at the bottom of my ocean.

I tried to write a poem as if I were speaking it

Lately i’m addicted to spoken word and how beautiful it is, and this is mediocre but I like the way it flows.

I know I can do better, but poetry is insane and magical, and I can’t wait for another story to come.


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