This is not a solution to my Happiness

I did not believe all the cliches
I knew models
did not look like that
but everything comes from something
airbrushed models
come from models
models come from people
people can be
that beautiful.

I never questioned my beauty
until I heard someone talk
about theirs.
‘I want -‘
‘I need -‘
‘Why don’t I have –

I lived life
uncaring about beauty
then my mum pushed me
until I did.

Don’t drink milk
I don’t want to see your face
If you look like this
i’m not bringing you to China
everyone will make fun

At the start of university
I wanted to look decent
I made myself up
Wanted to leave my hair
looking casual
so I look like
an effortless beauty.

I don’t care.
I don’t care if I look beautiful.
I realised
makeup made me think
about things I didn’t care about






fashion based

I unfollowed people

What I want
doesn’t come from this.

I have priorities
places to be
people to see

laugh so hard
drink spills
eyeliner smudges
I don’t care
so no one else cares

everyone laughs with me

because they see




I wrote this after I watched Katie Makkai’s ‘Pretty

I really never needed to be beautiful.


4 thoughts on “This is not a solution to my Happiness

    1. Thank YOU

      You’re like a backstage manager 😀 When you pop up, I feel like the poem is worth a little bit more.

      Also laughed and then wrote about what? My mind is rusty right now D:

      1. OH haha I mentioned I wrote it after I watched Katie Makkai’s Spoken Word, and she started off hilarious and then it grew serious.

        I was a little serious, but I find it cool that you laughed with it 😀 I never realised others would experience such different reactions to mine.

        When someone uses repetition in poetry, I feel like it means the words are really meant to be felt. Repetition is THE BEST.

        THANK YOU!

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