Flush me like one of your…

Tell me what it is
to open a door with hands soaked in lies

tell me the truth.

When your glasses are trying to hold on
to an empty soul
even they
tell me more
than you do.

You don’t want to talk
escape to work
swift on the pavement
but stops outside
a blurry school.

Children outside
Overhear the teacher
‘You can be anything you want to be.’
Legs don’t work.

When loose letters
told you to speak
you rejected it
saying it was a different time
it was no use
you never had love for writing anyway
yet you looked back
like you were hoping to see
the letters weep

The clouds have changed
colder and smaller
than they looked before
everything was huge
one dog plush
the size of your whole body
he was your plane
threw him and caught him
like a ball
but cried when he slipped
through your hands

Your teacher said you had talent
you believed her
for the moment

but the moment does not last
a whole lifetime.

The moments aren’t magic now
they are mundane

you disappeared in the flock
of white pigeons

where are you?


2 thoughts on “Flush me like one of your…

    1. Hahaha I wanted to make a Titanic reference, but then I realised I could use it as a misleading title so maybe people would be like ‘Is she gonna say flush me like one of your French Girls???’

      THANK YOU 😀

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