It took me

about a year to realise
I was too far gone?
Too far down the drain
Even as I walked towards the store
saw a job opening sign one time
they saw me coming
a mile away
and from behind the metal cage
they flipped ‘open’
to ‘closed’

Is it all my fault?
When did it get so bad?
i’m trying to make a living
out of thin thin air

Trying to tell all these people
but they don’t
have time
to care

How am I supposed to preach
to a choir that sings
over me?
That only have words of praise
but won’t listen
to the words of a person
trapped below their holy building

I’m not free
but do I want to be a slave to society
more than I want to breathe/the air
of shackles
that have finally found a key
that doubles as phone
that can take me to places
I have never

where I can go
where I will be
who I can be.

time of my life
this is the prime of my life
I won’t let someone take that away from me.

I wrote this for people that want to give up. As long as there is you, there is possibility. Keep on fighting.

I wrote this 2 years ago when I was 18, and I don’t know why I didn’t publish it. Here it is now ❤


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