The Stars

The stars fold out like a map
each one a freckle
their eyes wander,
imagining veins to connect them
so the stars do not seem
so far away.
The couple is suddenly aware of the gaps
in between their fingers,
but they
find their way to fill it
through damp carpet,
over cold grass,
and the heat fills up the space
where they once let cold air in.
On a blue sky day,
clouds are the dreams
that people are trying to fulfill,
but when the sun
flits across the sky,
the clouds dissolve.
The daydreams,
turn into night-dreams,
and the spears of light
on their side of the world
are shot down
beyond the horizon
by Houyi’s strongest arrows

and the couple that was lit by
the lightbulb that fed them
were now lit
by the stars that guided them.
The distance between the stars
they realised
were just journeys.
And the freckles were the destinations.


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