The psychology of media

I was editing a video for my final project, and I let Deezer do it’s thing and play me their mixes. After getting tired of some of the music, I clicked ‘soundtrack’ and I skipped Ms Robinson, and it played (and is still playing) ‘Time’ by Hans Zimmer.

I took the Myers Briggs personality test and I tested as an ENFP, and apparently we’re like chameleons – we can change our personality to adapt to anything, and a lot of people agree that we’re heavily influenced by the music and the movies we watch and we often change our personalities and take on many traits of those specific characters long after we’ve finished watching the movie.

I don’t know if it’s everyone to an extent, but the adaptability of the ENFP made me think this way.

As soon as this song comes on, I’m just overflowing with emotion.

Music has the greatest power to make us disconnect to our own world, but is it alright to embrace all these feelings that music could make us feel? Is it ok to let ourselves walk out into the world acting sad/angry/some other emotion that we weren’t feeling before we listened to that album? It sounds like a stupid question, but I feel like it’s THE question on what extent we should let our emotions take over before reverting back to our ‘normal’ selves.

Happiness is the best emotion in the world, and I disagree that I need sadness in my life to feel the utmost happiness (but I guess that’s how you know you’re happy, because you can compare it to the worst of times). When I listen to ‘Time’ it makes me feel like there’s rain falling outside. It makes the whole world seem kind of dark, but for some reason it’s in a good way. I don’t know if it’s because I know that it’s not actually dark outside, so it could be like the effect that you get when you drink hot chocolate inside on a cold day (but reversed).

There’s such a deep and kind of magical feeling to listening to something, and then suddenly feeling shaken or feel reborn with a new urge for discovery after listening to even just one song.

For me, I feel like i’m an actor sometimes. I don’t know whether I would actually be  good actor, but when I watch a movie or when I listen to music, I feel like I become a completely different person. The extent that these forms of media have on me is almost crazy to think about – when I watch something like inception or a movie with a dark edge, I feel like I’m the embodiment of the whole atmosphere of the movie. Like I remember after fight club, I got so angry and I yelled at my mum for no reason lmao, for Oldboy, I watched it a long time ago but I feel like I acted like I had a vendetta, and some other movies cause me to act suspicious. After I watched ‘Precious,’ I started acting all angsty towards my mum because the main character (Precious) hated her mother.

Some of this feels natural, and some of this I’m AWARE that I’m acting, but even though it’s fun sometimes when I watch a happy movie and I’m all joyous, my favourite movies are thrillers, and my favourite music is rock



so I guess I’m destined to have a turbulent cycle of emotions




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