I forgot I had this blog on THIS ACCOUNT and I thought I had to sign in on another account, so I never updated this, but I LOVE this blog omg.

I need to talk about my life again so I’m just really into this again, and I wanna update my life.

Lately, I’ve had problems with knowing who I am and my personality – I’m chill, but there was a time when I wanted to be that energetic bitch who had TOO MUCH ENERGY all the time and people would ‘type’ me and say ‘hey there’s that energetic ass girl’ but I don’t even know who I wanna be anymore?

I watch Sarah Baska a lot right now and she makes me feel chill, and I love that and I get along with people easily in that sense, but I also wanna be the one who yells a lot and is always running around and shit.

I started a new job lately and I’m just like these PEOPLE DON’T GET ME, I’m chill and they all speak in their language and it’s fine, but I’m wondering if it’s a problem with ME or them? They all act differently around certain people too, so which personality do I unleash on these people? I just wanna go to Hawaii with my best friend and chill, drink coconut juice and be dumb.

I think I need to shift my alignment to HAPPY CHILL, otherwise CHILL CHILL is just me being tired and annoying. CHILL ISN’T TIRED, REMEMBER THAT PLS. Also just run  when it’s funny to run. I think I need to either BE FUNNY and let go of that, or literally leave the house earlier and not have to run for anything.


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