13 reasons why 

I’ve been watching this show lately and I feel like it’s not THAT good LOL

Maybe it’s because I’ve been drawing while watching it, but i feel like it’s really shallow. It’s nothing I’m shocked by , and not the deep ‘i’m not shocked by it anymore because it happens so much’ way, but more the ‘this is cliche’ way.
I think it’s because everything has been so believable but repetitive, everyone spreads everything and with a similar method, and I GET why these things are their fault but I didn’t like the idea that she made tapes based on PEOPLE. It would’ve made more sense for it to be events for me. It’s interesting knowing exactly which character is gonna be the focal point of each episode, but I don’t feel like people are REASONS, I feel like the events are the reasons and that by naming the event, it’s associated with the people anyway – so her suicide was basically because of a collection of people.

People can cause people to commit suicide, but this whole thing just feels too PLANNED, she traced her whole suicide back to the ‘beginning’ with Justin and it’s just too calculated. 

I would’ve preferred a lead that wasn’t so much like Cara’s character in ‘Paper Towns’ (even though I loved the movie), where she’s smart but kind of unrelatable and tricky. Maybe a teen in this world WOULD have led people to the destinations that certain events happened, but Literally AS I think about it, she’s just unrelatable. If she were a teen that made a diary about her suicide or spoke like a non news reporter, maybe that would’ve made me feel more sympathy for her.

I don’t feel like i was expecting too much from this show, but it’s let me down so far – here’s hoping I’ll like it by the end.


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