True Love

Starry nights in the blue every night I think of you distant stars brown eyes in my head I can’t surmise   how in this lifetime you have me hanging by a line of your love without you the night sky wouldn’t be as blue Advertisements


I realised after talking to my friend for ages about how I felt about my parents and watching SKAM of all things made me realise that laughing off these arguments with my mum made me less able to react to arguments with other people, and I either get flustered or I try to laugh it… Read More Avoidance

Another blog

Sup guys, here to say I have another blog based on travel called @walkpillowwalk . Idk how often I’ll update this blog cos this is my personal blog, and I’ll need to keep logging in and out of 2 blogs to do it. Pretty annoying, but if I have any burning things I need to… Read More Another blog

Food Waste

I just read the latest issue of National Geographic about food waste and I’m shocked. We waste like 2.9 trillion pounds of food a year, because a lot of it gets sorted out and is considered too ugly for supermarkets. Thanks to the former Trader Joe’s owner, Doug Rauch, who opened up a store in… Read More Food Waste